What’s Included? CDL Test in OKC

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To pass your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test in Oklahoma City (OKC), you’ll need to do the work and demonstrate your knowledge and skills in several areas. The CDL test is divided into two main parts: the written knowledge test and the skills test, which includes a pre-trip inspection, a basic control skills test, and a road test. At American Truck Training (ATT), we will teach you all you need to know about passing your CDL test and more!

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Here’s what you need to know to pass each part:

1. Written Knowledge Test:

Study the Oklahoma Commercial Driver License Manual thoroughly. This manual covers all the information you need to know about commercial driving rules, regulations, safety procedures, and specific vehicle operation.

Pay close attention to topics such as general trucking knowledge, vehicle inspection, driving safety, hazardous materials (if applicable), and transporting passengers (if applicable).
Practice using online CDL practice tests to reinforce your knowledge and get familiar with the test format.

2. Pre-Trip Inspection:

Familiarize yourself with the components of your commercial vehicle and how to perform a pre-trip inspection. You will be tested on your ability to identify and explain various parts of the vehicle and ensure they are in working order.

The Oklahoma CDL Manual will have a section on the pre-trip inspection, so follow the guidelines provided there.

3. Basic Control Skills Test:

This part of the CDL test evaluates your ability to control the commercial vehicle in various situations, such as straight-line backing, offset backing, parallel parking, and more.
Practice these maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment until you feel confident in your skills.

4. Road Test:

The road CDL test assesses your driving abilities in real traffic conditions. Be sure to follow all traffic laws, use proper signaling, and maintain safe driving practices.
Pay attention to your speed, braking, turns, lane changes, and overall vehicle control.

5. Additional Endorsements:

If you plan to operate vehicles with specific endorsements, such as hazardous materials (HazMat) or passenger transport, you’ll need to study and pass additional written tests for each endorsement. We also have an online class here at American Truck Training! Learn more now.

Before taking the test, ATT will ensure you get plenty of practice behind the wheel. It’s crucial to approach the CDL test with a serious and committed attitude, as obtaining your CDL is a significant responsibility.

For more information, go to ATT’s page about our Class A CDL Class! We have everything you need to start your new trucking career including our wonderful admissions team and career resources. Get started today.



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