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At American Truck Training, we don’t just teach you how to drive a truck and then send you on your way. We believe that once you start truck driving school with us, you become part of the ATT family. Our trusted reputation in the industry and partnerships with a number of trucking companies allow us to offer our students truck driving career resources they can use throughout their CDL profession.


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When you find yourself looking for a new opportunity to use your CDL, make sure to call the job placement assistance team at American Truck Training! We love connecting our former students with exciting new career opportunities within the American truck driving industry.


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Life happens and when it does, our refresher courses are there to help you re-enter the industry. We’ll provide you with all the necessary knowledge to get you back on the road. The best part: Every American Truck Training graduate gets one free refresher course after graduation!

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As you progress through your truck driving career, you may find yourself needing additional training for particular jobs or new opportunities. Call us anytime to learn about the specialized training programs we offer.

Is a Career in Trucking Right for Me?

Determining if a career in trucking is right for you isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, you aren’t born with the skills to be a professional truck driver - you have to learn them. Get started now!

There are some qualities that many drivers share: First of all, they share a sense of adventure - they love traveling to new places and seeing the sights. They don’t mind waking up in a different place every day and they don’t mind being away from home for periods of time. Read more about the ins and outs of trucking on our trucking blog.

Different Types of Trucking

No matter where you go or what type of truck you drive, the training is virtually the same. All jobs require the same skills and knowledge but what differs is the distance and how drivers are paid.

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Long-haul or over-the-road drivers deliver freight from one location to another across the country. You may also drive as part of a team, which means driving in shifts. You drive while your partner sleeps. Typically, long-haul drivers are paid by the mile meaning the more the drive, the more you make.

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Regional truckers deliver freight within a set region and are only gone for a day or two at a time. Usually, they’re also paid by the mile. However, they get more time at home than a long-haul driver.

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Local drivers stay within their local area and are typically home each night. These drivers are usually paid by the hour. Local opportunities are great for drivers who want to spend more time at home.

Every employer and job is different. The best thing to do is explore your options and take time to understand the needs of the industry to determine which opportunities are best for you.

Looking for a career in the trucking industry?

In addition to American Truck Training’s job placement assistance department, the following website are great resources:

www.truckingjobnow.com www.truckwarrior.com www.cdlcareernow.com www.cdltrainingtoday.com

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