Team Driving in the Trucking Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

team driving

Team driving is an essential part of the trucking industry, offering unique opportunities and challenges for CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or new to the field, understanding the ins and outs of team driving can help you make informed career decisions. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what team driving is, its benefits, potential pay, and which companies are hiring team drivers.

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What is Team Driving?

Team driving involves two truck drivers who take turns driving the same truck. While one driver is behind the wheel, the other rests or sleeps in the sleeper berth. This system allows the truck to cover more miles in a shorter period compared to solo driving, as the truck is almost always moving. Team driving is particularly common in long-haul trucking, where deliveries span great distances and tight deadlines are crucial.

Benefits of Team Driving

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

One of the primary advantages of team driving is increased efficiency. Since the truck is rarely idle, it can cover more ground quickly. This is beneficial for companies needing to move goods over long distances promptly. For drivers, this means more miles and potentially more pay, as many trucking companies offer incentives and bonuses for high mileage.

Shared Responsibilities

Team driving allows for shared responsibilities, which can make the job less stressful. Tasks such as navigating, handling paperwork, and maintaining communication with dispatch can be divided between two people. This collaboration can make the job more manageable and reduce the risk of errors.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a significant concern in the trucking industry. Team driving can enhance safety by ensuring that drivers are well-rested. Fatigue is a leading cause of accidents among truck drivers. With team driving, one driver can rest while the other drives, reducing the likelihood of fatigue-related incidents. Additionally, having a partner can provide an extra set of eyes to monitor road conditions and potential hazards.


Long hours on the road can be lonely. Team driving offers companionship, which can improve mental well-being. Having someone to talk to, share experiences with, and support you during challenging times can make the job more enjoyable and less isolating.

Financial Benefits

Team driving can be financially rewarding. Many companies offer higher pay rates for team drivers due to the increased mileage and efficiency. Additionally, some companies provide bonuses for completing routes ahead of schedule or maintaining high safety standards.

Potential Pay for Team Drivers

The pay for team drivers varies depending on several factors, including experience, the company, and the route. On average, team drivers can expect to earn more than solo drivers due to the higher mileage and efficiency.

Base Salary

Werner Enterprises, one of American Truck Training’s major partners, provided its current compensation benefits below. As you can see, team drivers earn a significantly higher salary.

  • Solo driver – $55,000 – $75,000+ per year
  • Team driver – $62,500 – $115,000 per year

Benefits Packages

In addition to higher salaries, team drivers often receive comprehensive benefits packages. These may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks. Some companies also offer additional benefits such as gym memberships, wellness programs, and travel allowances.

Companies Hiring Team Drivers

Many trucking companies actively seek team drivers due to the efficiency and reliability they bring. Here are some notable companies known for hiring team drivers:

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a well-established trucking company with a strong focus on team driving. They offer competitive pay, bonuses, and a comprehensive benefits package. Werner Enterprises is committed to providing a safe and supportive work environment for its drivers.

Covenant Transport

Covenant Transport is renowned for its team driving opportunities. They offer competitive pay, frequent bonuses, and a comprehensive benefits package. Covenant Transport also provides a supportive work environment and continuous training to ensure driver safety and success.

Schneider National

Schneider National is another major player in the trucking industry, offering numerous team driving positions. They provide attractive compensation, including bonuses and benefits. Schneider is known for its commitment to safety and driver support, making it an excellent choice for team drivers.

FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Custom Critical specializes in time-sensitive and high-value shipments, making team drivers essential for their operations. They offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, and consistent routes. FedEx is known for its rigorous safety standards and emphasis on driver well-being.

CRST International

CRST International is one of the largest transportation companies in the United States. They have a robust team driving program and offer paid training for new drivers. CRST provides attractive pay packages, bonuses, and benefits, making them a popular choice for team drivers.


Team driving is a rewarding career path for CDL holders, offering numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, shared responsibilities, enhanced safety, companionship, and financial rewards. The potential for higher pay, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits makes team driving an attractive option for many drivers. With numerous reputable companies actively seeking team drivers, there are plenty of opportunities to find a position that suits your needs and career goals.

If you’re considering a career in team driving, American Truck Training CDL School can help you get started. Our comprehensive training programs equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the trucking industry. Contact ATT today to learn more about our CDL training courses and how we can help you embark on a successful team driving career.

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